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well that didnt work


I still have an LJ

Well, I still have an LJ.  Cool.  I can’t sleep, its 5am.  Shocking?  No, not really.  But I am tired.  my eyes hurt, but as I try to go to sleep they feel better and the restless kicks in.  Great.  

So I have been doing reading for a class, Ben Hewitt’s book The Town that Food Saved, its not a bad read but its also not like super or anything.  It is however a quick read if your interested in alternative food systems-check it out.  Makes for a good introduction on the topic at least.  Anyway, it keeps reminding me of things...

Reading it and there is a large section about the local food co-op and about the real value in membership.  The real value not being the 2 or 10% discount but in the communal activity that it provides.  It reminded my of Hanukkah like 6 years ago and the amazing communal feel that came with it the 5th night or so.  The vibe that night with everyone working together, cooking together, living together, eating together... the sense of community that was so strong (and yet so weak) there was never stronger than that night.  

There is another section where they talk about the relation of food and people and town.  The relationship between producer in consumer being narrowed down to nothing.  Reminded me from when I was a really little and I would go with my dad and cross the street to visit this old man names Mr Schafer who had a small farm.  Probably an acre and a half from what I can remember and guess now.  We’d buy corn from him, and sometimes garlic.  Mind you it was corn, like on the cob, not dextrose or something.  

There is a lot of weird little memories, from all stages of my life that this book is bringing to mind.  Accenting of course the relationship that I- that we all have to the food system.  The fulfilling feeling of bringing food into the house from a garden right outside and cooking it and eating it.  That feeling is amazing- really it is.  I guess sometimes I’d kind of like to move to nowhere on a farm and be all self sustaining and off grid.  I know I could’t really do it.  I am not a huge fan of dirt, i dislike bugs and I cannot stand even the thought of the word spider...  *cringe*  I know its not a plausible plan but as I read and twiddle my thumbs and fail at sleep (and type on livejournal before attempting to sleep again) its a thought that seems more appealing than less.

Crazy idealism kicks in here in Seattle around 4:30 in the morning.  Reality comes back by 8am I am sure.


Chiquita Stickers

 So I came across this today on facebook and then promptly lost like 2 hours of my day.


Chiquita is the direct descendent of another company known as United Fruit and known for brutality, the Banana Wars, trade exploitation....  Chiquita, like their previous incarnation is know for fun stuff like squashing labor rights, ignoring human rights, abusive uses of agro-chemicals, trade exploitation, harsh labor practices, oh, and hiring armed malitas to force people to work or continue working on their plantation. Not to mention a 2007 lawsuit that was sadly dropped by the US government regarding Chiquita’s hired arms killing over 170 people in what some are deeming an act of terrorism.

How innocent are your bananas.

Anyway, as a geography student, interested in critical development theory and since I love the writings of B. Traven and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.... I made some stickers to enter in the contest. Apparently they will not post them to the website until they have been reviewed by a moderator, so I thought I would spread them around... just in case...


and my favorite,


I went to school... (Yes I posted this to my facebook also, but I am proud ’n happy ’n cant sleep... so.....)

Winter Quarter:
ConLaw: 3.8
Labor Studies: 3.7
Political Geography 3.8




I’m just trying to clear out some of the ends... and I didn’t even apply directly to the scalp.

But I forgot about the burn.

I kind of like it.

I nearly forgot...

I had the weirdest, craziest and scariest dream last night!

I cull my eyelashes... I know, its weird. But it helps from them falling into my eyes and being irritating so often. So every once in awhile I pull on my eyelashes and one or two come out. I don’t feel it at all, its not that gross... anyway...
Last night in my dream I was culling I suppose but all of my lower lashes fell out in one pull and I had them in my hand and was so like... huh, that I pulled on the upper lashed to make sure they were okay. (BTW my eyelashes looked really long and thick and impressive once unattached in my dream.) Subsequently they all fell out of course too. So I had one eye of no eyelashes, or very very few. And I couldn’t find a mirror. But someone handed me boxes of false eyelashes. phew. I started going through them trying to find just a normal set of eyelashes that I could wear so I didn’t look weird but everything was jeweled or sparkly or really long (in my dream, really long was like 3 inches!) and I started to panic.

Then I woke up from the panic.

It was CRAZY!



its too cold, i need sunshine and warmth.

that is all.


I have been making a few posts here and there to this LJ of mine.
Lately though they have mostly been private, only to me. Just bitchy and cranky about stupid things that don’t matter...


So yeah, still alive, still not smoking... 3.8 on my ConLaw midterm... yep.


It shouldn’t shock me anymore that I am crazy and do things to overload myself frequently, and even though I fully admit to myself and others that I kind of enjoy it... whenever I am in the midst of it I always have to shake my head and laugh to myself about how crazy it is. And wonder why I do this to myself... ya know- and then I go and do it again.

Midterms and job interviews collide for time slots in my schedule. (hey at least I have interviews!) I am pretty sure I will get an offer from one of my Tuesday interviews... Then beer tasting needs to get hammered down like yesterday to allow for payments and lead times and anni planning has begun. Also to complicate things I’ve added a few other, trivial and 300% not required commitments to my list. I rock. Oh- and I officially declared my second/double major today, in proper alignment with Tree-tastrophe.

oh- and today isday 160 without a cigarette. there was this thing in the stop-smoking the easy way book that AJ got me about cigarettes actually making you stressed not relieving it as we think. I do feel pretty calm, so maybe that is true, I was skeptical... but...


Today is day 151.
Yes, I missed day 150 cause I was so busy not smoking and not caring that I forgot it...